THƯƠNG NGUYỄN SOBEY - Founder of BCNV (1982 - 2015)

Thuong Nguyen Sobey was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer only a few days after her engagement ceremony, a few months after her 30th birthday. Since there were no evident symptoms except for a slight swelling on Thuong's forearm, it took her so much time to go to different hospitals and get an accurate diagnosis. The process of learning about her illness as well as its treatment made Thuong realize that the patients in particular, and Vietnamese women in general are seriously lacking in information about breast cancer. That was the reason urging Thuong to establish Breast Cancer Network Vietnam in 2013, with hope that this will be a place to provide trustworthy information and a safe sharing circle for women who are interested or battling with breast cancer.

NGUYỄN THỦY TIÊN - Co-founder & General Director of BCNV

As a family member, Thuy Tien went through waves of difficult experiences while supporting her sister Thuong Sobey's journey with breast cancer in over 2 years—from the struggle during treatment to the eventual acceptance after Thuong passed away. Hence, Tien realizes the life values that breast cancer has brought to her family, to appreciate every single moment in life and understand deeply about the meaning of living. She has taken over her sister's legacy BCNV, devotes all her time and effort in developing a series of awareness and patient support projects for the network. Tien wants to help many other women that are fighting with breast cancer, just like her sister before.


Mr Dau Khac Cuong


Mr. Đậu Khắc Cường

Currently the founder and CEO of KAI Group–a Vietnamese enterprise established in 2013. He manifests a strong desire to contribute to the development of a civilized Vietnam, through building ethical business models with the philosophy: “For the people, advance the country”.

Ms Le Thi My Hang


Ms. Lê Thị Mỹ Hằng

An expert in her field–Mindfulness: The art of living happily and building a happy community. She has years of experience in business, administration, and human resources management in commerce, construction, tourism, real estate and HR consulting.

Ms Nguyen Hoang Khanh Tien


Ms. Nguyễn Hoàng Khánh Tiên

With over 12 years working in community development, especially for children and youth, she strongly believes in the key role of education, employment and sustainable community engagement in building and maintaining an environment conducive to children's development.


Ms. Lê Hải Ninh

Ms. Le Hai Ninh - Deputy Finance Director of An Phong Construction Comapny. Ms. Hai Ninh started joining BCNV from August 2021 with a commitment building a strong organization and spreading the spirit of love and support disadvantaged communities.



Ms. Diana Donovan - Healthcare Specialist

With 30-year experience in healthcare, having worked for 7 health organizations in New Zealand, UK, and Sydney, Diana Donovan has been BCNV's official Pink Hat Ambassador since 2014. She consults, as well as joins BCNV in breast cancer awareness campaigns and patient support activities at hospitals in Vietnam.


Ms. Đặng Thị Hương - Director of International relations

Dang Thi Huong is an international student of Swinburne University (Australia) and currently the Director of international relations at KOTO. She has companioned from the first year of BCNV. And she is one of the most spiritual pillars and always accompany BCNV throughout the long way.


Ms. Karen Lanyon - Former Australian Consul-General in Vietnam

Ms. Lanyon joins BCNV as Pink Hat Ambassador from October 2018. As a breast cancer survivor herself, she inspires other patients to never lose hope, always reach out and change the voice within: "If you say, 'I have cancer, I can beat it, I will fight it' , the story would be completely different".


Mr. Trung Đinh - Fashion Designer & Artist

Head of Design at Giorgio Armani, the author of thousands of dollars worth of paintings, and also a master of the art of fabric painting, has officially joined BCNV's journey as a Pink Hat Ambassador to "paint life in pink again" for many unfortunate breast cancer patients since August 2018.



Dr. Huỳnh Quang Khánh

Head of Breast Department at Cho Ray hospital, HCMC. With more than 25 years working here, he has spent time practicing medicine and researching on cancer at major medical centers and hospitals around the world, such as Korea, Australia, etc.

Dr. Vũ Hồng Thăng

Lecturer, professor of Oncology Department at Hanoi Medical University; Deputy Head of Internal Medicine Department 4 at K Hospital, Hanoi; A member of Vietnam Cancer Association.

Dr. Nguyễn Hữu Hòa

Dean of Oncology with more than 20 years of experience in cancer treatment. He is currently working as a freelance doctor - consultant and cooperating with several respected hospitals in Vietnam: Da Nang Oncology Hospital, Vinmec Hospital, FV Hospital, etc.

MSc. Lê Nhất Phương Hồng

Founder of the Mother's Milk Association (Be Ti Bu Ti), and famous for the establishment of the breastfeeding knowledge site Betibuti.

Dr. Bùi Thanh Tình

Master of Science in Oncology. He has participated in many domestic and international cancer conferences, including the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) conference in Singapore, 2017. He has published several research papers and was well-appreciated for a research on diagnosis and treatment of convex dermoid sarcoma.

Dr. Hồ Hoàng Thảo Quyên

Graduated from Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University in 2003, earned a Master's degree from Victor Segalen Bordeaux University 2 in 2005, and is currently working on her PhD at HCMC University of Medicine in breast cancer screening. She studied about mammography in France and the US, and has published many research papers on the topic.

BS Nhu01b0 Hu01b0ng Viu1ec7t

Dr. Trần Như Hưng Việt

Head of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery – Goiter Department at Gia Dinh People's Hospital, with over 21 years of practicing medicine. He has been researching and improving his expertise in the field of vascular thoracic and goiter treatment, as well as thyroid cancer treatment.

bu00e1c su0129 nguyu1ec5n thu hu01b0u01a1ng

PhD.MD. Nguyễn Thu Hương

Vice Head of Radiology Department of Vinmec Hospital, Times City, Hanoi, Vietnam, with over 13 years of experience working and researching in the field of radiology and diagnostic imaging, especially in breast imaging for breast cancer screening and treatment.


Ảnh chân dung chị Phạm Thị Thanh Nhung

Ms. Phạm Thị Thanh Nhung

As Spokesperson and Youth Ambassador of UN Vietnam, Thanh Nhung plays an important role in many projects and activities with UNICEF, World Bank, UNESCO, Peace Boat, etc., and represents BCNV in activities targeted to the Vietnamese community in the UK and EU.

Phu1ea1m Thu1ecb Huu1ec7 u0110an

Ms. Phạm Huệ Đan

The President & CEO of DQVietnam—a commercial investment joint stock company operating in three areas: Consulting - Trade - Investment—has 15 years of experience working in communication, marketing, and event organization for many prestigious pharmaceutical brands.



Wig Library Program

Provide free wigs for underprivileged cancer patients to borrow during chemotherapy sessions, by calling for natural hair donation from the community and coordinating resources.

Mastectomy Bra Project

Deliver free bras and breast pads support for patients who underwent mastectomy for breast cancer treatment.

Communication Campaigns

Promote breast cancer awareness through cross-channels activities, such as online campaigns, events, seminars, parades, fundraising fairs, photo exhibitions, video & voice storytelling, etc.

Workshop for Patient Support

Coordinate and invite reliable specialists, such as oncology doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, makeup experts, etc., to provide information and improve well-being for breast cancer patients.

Workshop for Public Awareness

Facilitate breast cancer awareness and patient support information by organizing offline & online workshops for various target groups.

Yoga Class

Encourage yoga exercise for breast cancer patients to improve the healing process and well-being during treatment.

Partner with us

With the companionship of our goodwill partners, we are continuously raising public awareness about breast cancer and involving great community support to increase quality of life for many patients in Vietnam.