Support for us

We do all the support activities for the patients to improve their quality of life such as: yoga class; beauty workshop; workshop with doctor; English class. By providing infomation and organizationing events, we helps community have chance to be educated about different shades of Breast Cancer and how to protect themselve and how to support for the patient community. Our biggest target is not only increase amount of people do detection every year, but also increase the knowledge and awareness about the healthy lifestyle. So we hope that, you will support us to creat a betteer future without Breast Cancer in Vietnam.

” By the practical approaching, all the things Nguyen Thuy Tien and BCNV is doing in Vietnam started an inspired story about Breast Cancer and started a changes in our society about Breast Cancer ” 

Thi Anh Dao
General Director ISOBAR

“BCNV as a big home for all the breast cancer patients in Vietnam. Where they could make friend, share their story, take care for each others. They exchange the information about treatments and experience after treatment. When the worries are shared. It becomes the understanding thoroughly. BCNV also have several activities to improve awareness of community about Breast Cancer. I also received supporting form other patients in this network. It also is reason why i could be stronger and stronger during my treatment time”


Hong Nhung
Member is Network of BCNV


Connected Patients