Ms. Le Thi My Hang

Ms. Le Thi My Hang

Member of the Board


Lê Thị Mỹ Hằng

Mindfulness Trainer/Coach Le Thi My Hang M.A. is an expert in her field – Mindfulness: the art of living happily and building a happy community. She has years of experience in business, administration, and human resources management in areas, such as commerce, construction, tourism, real estate and HR consulting.

Work history:
  • 2019:  Completed training course Level II – Wake Up Schools – Mindfulness in Education program at Plum Village Meditation Center (Southern France). Became Wake Up Schools representative in Vietnam.
  • 2018:  Completed Mindfulness Teacher training course at Mindfulness Academy, Hong Kong.
  • 2012 – present:  Besides consulting and human resource management, Hang took part in several international Mindfulness courses related to brain science, emotional management and the art of living happily.
  • At the same time, she is a visiting lecturer for American Polytechnic College – Department of Business Administration of BTEC program.
  • 2009:  Master of Business Administration – Project Management.
  • 1998:  Bachelor of International Business Economics, Foreign Trade University.



Ms. My Hang applies Mindfulness in her classes, helping students balance emotions; increase concentration and have fun at school. She also guides Mindfulness practice for social work teams, businesses, health workers and teachers.

Her desire is to build a happy community, with the philosophy: 

“The basis of true love is the insight to see and understand the will, suffering and happiness of the person we love”.