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We do all the support activities for the patients to improve their quality of life such as: yoga class; beauty workshop; workshop with doctor; English class. By providing infomation and organizationing events, we helps community have chance to be educated about different shades of Breast Cancer and how to protect themselve and how to support for the patient community. Our biggest target is not only increase amount of people do detection every year, but also increase the knowledge and awareness about the healthy lifestyle. So we hope that, you will support us to creat a betteer future without Breast Cancer in Vietnam.

” Volunteer at BCNV is great chance for me to know more about Breast Cancer. The first time i have known that men also could be Breast Cancer. Moreover, the knowledge about it need to be propagated for many people to only help for women or patients, but also help men or husbands could protect themselves and take care for the ones they love. After working as a volunteer at BCNV, i understood more about love. Living is a kind of love, love ourselves and love others. Living is never give up.”


Minh Dung Vo



Connected Patients