Pink BBQ Party with love in Manchester, UK

Pink BBQ party hosted by Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV) in partnership with Bella Spa and Liberty Nails & Beauty Supplies took place in the heart of Manchester city centre on the 20th May 2018 on a beautiful sunny day of May. The event surprisingly raised £2220 towards support programs for Breast Cancer Network Vietnam.

The pink party celebrates love, life and happiness through sharing an inspiring journey of Thuong Sobey and Nguyen Thuy Tien in their joint selfless efforts of painting a pink brush on the lives of breast cancer patients.

The event brought together Vietnamese people living in the UK, especially Manchester and international friends who all share a great sympathy for the suffering lives of breast cancer patients in Vietnam.

Face painting, dance music, cancer information desk, food and drinks, arts and craft, Vietnamese food stalls and great laughter all contributed greatly to a successful fundraising day for Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV).

An autobiography ‘A Second Chance At Life’, by Nguyễn Thuỷ Tiên raising public awareness on breast cancer and reminding us of the true appreciation of our precious living moments with compassion and a loving heart, was on display for fundraising sale at the event. The book carries beautiful messages about treasuring this blessed and colorful life drawn from touching personal stories of breast cancer patients’ journey with lasting inspiration and momentum.

Information about breast cancer awareness was delivered in a fun and relaxing atmosphere where everyone had a great time enjoying our summer BBQ.

We are grateful for the support of Bella Spa, Liberty Nails & Beauty Supplies, DCH, Kingdo Vietfoods and many dedicated BCNV volunteers and friends around UK.

Our special thanks are dedicated to Tuyet Vo, Thuy Pham, Hong Ha Nguyen, Lyna Le, Danniel & Yvonne Nguyen, Huong, Luyen and Lam for your great support for our fundraising event. Most inspiring of all, the event attracted not only parents but also their children who happily joined our momentum as great event supporters. They stayed up late the night before to bake cookies, to make cakes themselves contributing to the sale.

They decorated the donation box and the venue, cleaned up the venue, helped with the sale and hosted the face painting stall which inspired us all so much in the cause that we passionately believe in. We are deeply grateful to our pink supporters: Amy Pham, Kimberly Kim Nguyen, Rhianna Lee Nguyen, Caiden Thành Đức Nguyễn, Tina Vu, Brandon Dao for your wonderful energy and wholehearted support throughout our event.

The event would never be the same without you all involved so selflessly for our breast cancer cause. We are so touched to see the sharing love and compassionate sympathy with cancer patients’ uncountable challenges in their lonely battles against cancer. Our pink journey seems to be much more hopeful and less lonely when we have beautiful hearts like you joining our cause.

Thanks so much again for your dedicated support and for sharing our pink journey with your family and friends.

With Love, BCNV Team.

Nhung Pham