Agreement between hair donor and Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV)

You are donating your hair for “Wig Library from Real Hair” project by Breast Cancer Network Vietnam – BCNV. This project is a non-profit activity which aims at helping breast cancer patients in particular and cancer patients in general who are undergoing treatment to be more confident and strengthen their motivation with “natural hair” – a symbol of women’s pride.

Established in 2015, we have received great support from both domestic and foreign individuals and from many other organizations. In order to increase the efficiency and transparency of our project, as well as provide benefits for cancer patients, especially breast cancer patients, below are some specific terms to clarify the Responsibilities and Rights between BCNV and the Hair Donor. When hair donors donate their hair to BCNV by will, it is taken that they fully agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

This agreement will be regularly updated and be officially published on BCNV’s official channels.

Rights and Responsibilities of Breast Cancer Network Vietnam

  1. Rights

BCNV hold all rights to evaluate, classify and decide how to process the raw hair (donated hair) based on published hair donation standards.

BCNV has the complete authority to decide how to use the finished hair products to achieve the purpose of providing support for cancer patients in general and breast cancer patients in particular.

Lending directly or through reputable healthcare centers.

Raising funds from finished wigs from anonymous hair sets to cover the costs of making wigs for patients. 

Refuse to lend when the borrower fails to prove his/her medical information.

  1. Responsibilities:

Notify the hair donor through text or email upon receiving donated hair and provide a hair tracking code to facilitate tracking of hair status on the website.

Manage and ensure the amount of hair before and after processing the finished product.

In the manufacturing of hair:

Validated hair (natural hair, natural colored or curled hair, without chemicals, etc.) will be synthesized and brought to the factory. After that, the information and pictures of the finished hair product will be sent to the Hair Donor.

Discarded hair (hair that is too tangled, dry, split ends, dyed hair, etc.) will be clearly explained reason of disqualification on the information page and the unusable hair will be sold to raise funds (if possible).

Note: The progress of hair manufacturing is updated at the official website of BCNV. The hair donor can follow his/her hair processing procedures by entering the code provided by BCNV on the website.

Check and evaluate carefully the information of people who borrow wigs from BCNV.

Transparency in running costs of the wig library

Ensure absolute confidentiality of information of hair donors and hair borrowers.

II – Rights and Responsibilities of Hair Donor

  1. Responsibilities

Pay shipping fee when sending hair to BCNV.

Ensure the quality of their hair matches with the standard of hair donation set by the BCNV.

Pack donated hair according to the guidelines by BCNV

        2. Rights

The hair donor has the authority to have the information about the processing procedure of his/her own hair through the BCNV’s Donated Hair Status Tracker.

Hair donors have the right to provide or not to provide personal information, contact information to BCNV.

August 2018

Management of Wig Library project – Breast Cancer Network Vietnam.

Mạng lưới Ung thư Vú Việt Nam – Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV)