BCNV’s CEO Nguyen Thuy Tien paid visit to Breast Cancer Network Australia’s office

In 26/7/2018, Nguyen Thuy Tien, the co-founder and CEO Breast Cancer Network Vietnam, visited the office of Breast Cancer Network Australia in Campell, Melbourne.

Lyn Swinburne who diagnosed breast cancer established BCNA in 1998. For 20 years, BCNA has built a strong network across Australia with many strategies to support female breast cancer patients in different stages to improve the awareness for the Australians (including immigrants, aborigines and natives).

The Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV) was established in March 2013, inspired by the strong idea of BCNA and supported by the founder Christine Nolan (ex-CEO), CEO Kesten and the whole team of BCNA. They are always full of positive energy, creative ideas, and work hard in the way that makes dreams come true – “There will be no more deaths due to breast cancer.”

The ideas of BCNA include: The beauty workshop, the artificial hair library for patients during the valence treatment and the breast cancer support group; etc, are experienced and authorized in Vietnam by BCNV

Document and toolkit are supported and allowed to use and translate by BCNA, which will be the latest promising support for the patient community in Vietnam

The third official meeting aided the representative of Vietnam, Thuy Tien, learn and bring the new strategies. Furthermore, they will also engage in several practices of cooperation in the future, which will express the worldwide connection of BCNV on the pink diffusion route.