Breast cancer heightens risk of diabetes

Breast cancer and diabetes are the two most prominent causes of disease in the world. Scientists have desired to research the relationship between them and after a long period of research; they had their conclusion. According to research, a woman who had breast cancer could be more likely to be diabetic, about 20% more than other people.

Doctor Lorraine Lipscombe, who works in the research institute, Women hospital in Toronto, Canada and the author of the research, asserted:

“The first thing I paid attention to is the danger of diabetes was not high after discovering the disease. It only increased after two years, then up to 7% than the women of the same age who were not breast-cancer patients. After 10 years, the women who still were alive with breast cancer had a higher – 20% danger to be diabetic than the other. We were not sure about the reason. Maybe the women with breast cancer also have dangers as the same as them with diabetes, or the reason is that of the cancer treatments. We just realized the women who used valance treatment have a higher danger to be diabetic. Maybe valance treatments bring diabetes to the women who have danger to be diabetic.”

The research depends on the heal service data in Ontario from 1996 to 2008, with nearly 25000 women alive when diagnosed breast cancer at 55 years old, with 125 cases at the same age without diagnosed breast cancer. This research is a highlight on the women who are in menopause.

However, the research of Dr Lipscombe showed that relationship in the young women nowadays. Dr Lipscombe said:

“The discovery of the disease doesn’t start with a high risk for diabetes – it just increases after 2 years, then up to 7% rather than the women of the same age without breast cancer.”

 “We also did another research with the young women, who have gene causes of breast cancer BRCA1 and BRCA 2. We also found out the same result. We believed that the young women with that kind of gene also are in danger to diabetes. So that result is not only correct in the case of old women.”

 Gene BRCA1 and BRCA2 are two kinds of a gene, which effect to subdue tumours. The change suddenly in those genes could lead to breast cancer and ovarian cancer.