Diet plan helps preventing breast cancer

A suitable diet plan does not only help women have a perfect body, but also help to reduce the danger of breast cancer. The British scientists also asserted that people could minimize risk of breast cancer if having diet meal two times per week.

The diet plan for two days per week normally has low calories, whilst the rest of the five days left are as normal. The first explanations believed that diet could restrain the source of nutrient, which provides for cells in breast. Those cells will divide and reduce danger appear cancer, by Daily Mail.

 The research by Doctor Michelle Harvie, the specialist of Cancer Prevention Organization, Genesis UK, is the leader. The scientist took breast biopsy of 20 womens . It is the epithelium and observed under microscope.

Following that research, they took part in the diet plan. After four weeks, the scientists kept taking the breast biopsy to compare. In the diet plan, Dr Harvie encouraged they eat: carrot; tomato; strawberry; banana; milk; salad; mushroom; limit eating meat and fish.

That scientist group found out in-group of people who reduced 3 kilograms, there are 55% positive changes in breast epithelium. According that, the body produced a kind of protein, which helps the breast cells to be more stable and reduces chance appearance breast cancer.

 However, Dr Harvie also thought that the research should be more specific. The research is a part of project, which wants to find out the relationship between diet plan, healthy lifestyle and breast cancer prevention of Genesis.

This organization also hopes the new discovery would encourage women care more about the meal plan and have the suitable changes.