Respected artist Hoang Cuc: Don’t think your life is over

During this year, Hoang Cuc has left the stage and returned to her family with her nearly 1-year-old grandchild. Sometimes, she still goes out with her friends or travels around the world. By the end of 2012, she still expresses passionate emotions. Therefore, very few people know that she has just experienced the difficult time fighting against cancer.

Premonition came true

Although having a busy schedule, NSND Hoang Cuc always tries to spend time for health screening. In the summer of 2010, despite having good health in the result of health screening, she still got bad feeling about it. After booking flight to Europe for Tet holiday in 2011, she went to the hospital with her son to do health check-up again. Unfortunately, the holiday trip was cancelled because of the result: she had breast cancer which had spread to the axillary lymph nodes.

When she received the result from hospital, nobody believed that she didn’t feel worried. At first, she was really nervous because the suddenness of the disease. However, she is strong and decisive by nature so that she gains emotional stability soon. “Being the most experienced person in my family, If I fell in depression my son would lose direction so I have to be optimistic and resilient.” She said.

The period of time she received bad news was also the time that she had to prepare for the marriage of her only son. The wedding was conducted thoughtfully all on her own, therefore nobody knew that she was dealing with cancer. After everything had done thoroughly, Hoang Cuc started her fighting against cancer. After having definitive diagnosis by doctors of K hospital in Ha Noi, she went to China to receive her radiation therapy for 3 months. During treatment period in China, she still spent time to visit natural wonders in here. However, sometimes being in the patient’s room and all people surrounding were cancer patients made her nervous. ” Live today, die tomorrow – some patients whom you had just talked today might die in tomorrow, next week or next month” Hoang Cuc said. “Though knowing death may come at any time I never had any intention of giving up my fighting against cancer because of my family. They are important more than anything and they need me.” The love of her family was the motivation which helped her to overcome the difficult time of 1-year treatment.

Her heath improved at the same time she retired and left the stage to take care of family. Meanwhile, the first baby of her son was born which relieved all the pain of disease. “My grandchild is everything to me and makes me forget all the tiredness. So now I just wish for the health to live with him and take care of my family.” She said.

Don’t think your life is over

At the moment, she now has time to take her grandchild basking in the warm morning sunshine every day. Sometimes, she goes out with friends or travels around the world. “Enjoying life makes you live longer.” She said. She also found peace through yoga and meditation. “Meditation has great calming effects, helps people reduce stress and have peaceful mind. Never give up hope. There may be tough time but when you still live and believe, tomorrow will be sunshine. Don’t put the end to your life.”


Still doing regular health screening, she also has balanced diet every day by using functional foods, only eating fish with lots of vegetables and juice. Living over half of life with the stage she had traveled a lot of places, met a lot people, so returning family life makes her fell a little upset. “I used to have many plans in my work. However, I finally realized that health and family are the 2 most important things in my life. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, let things happen naturally. Life is a journey, there are lots of lessons and experience to learn so just enjoy it.”

“Everybody is scared of death. However, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Therefore, don’t waste time by falling into depression and sadness. Whenever you still have friends and family standing besides, you shouldn’t give up.” She said. So she still enjoys her life, goes out with friends, travels, goes to the cinema with her relatives like she never crossed the fragile boundary between life and death.

Source: Le Ha from Sai Gon Tiep Thi Newspaper.