Best food recommendations if you have ER-/PR+ breast cancer

Eating is always a problem for women with breast cancer during and after treatment. BCNV would like to introduce an interpreter from to answer the question “If you have ER-/PR+ breast cancer, how can you consider to choose which foods for treatment to achieve the best results?”

Women with ER-/PR+ breast cancer are more likely to be women who are perimenopausal. It is said that drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer in Chinese women.

Foods that reduce the risk of ER- breast cancer in perimenopausal women

The following foods are seen to be associated with reduced risk of ER- breast cancer in perimenopausal women:

Green leafy greens, succulent blueberries, green broccoli (cauliflower), cabbage, white broccoli (cauliflower), mustard greens, garlic, red grapes, green tea, mango, spicy mustard greens, peas, pomegranate juice, tomatoes, red radish, watercress (lettuce).

Foods that increase the risk of ER- breast cancer in perimenopausal women     

Butter, corn oil and coffee.

Translator Hoang Thu Ha

BCNV 1/2014

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