Photo exhibition: “Overcoming Fear”

“My youngest son often teased me: “I told everyone that you were going bald”. Some days he even shouted at me “Everyone, come here to see her bald head.” However, when other people asked him about me, he just told them that I was sick. I am happy because my son protects and loves me in his own way.”

This is only one part of the stories recorded in the photo collection of the “Pink Ribbon Festival” took place on 19th October at 9/95 Chua Boc, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Photo gallery has two small photo collections. Many artists, actors, and beauty queens including Vietnam World Miss 2007 Ngo Phuong Lan, Miss Sea 2010 Nguyen Thi Loan, artisan Chieu Xuan, Hoang Cuc, singer Thai Thuy Linh and pianist Trang Trinh participated in the first photo collection.

Artists and Miss took photos to raise awareness of breast cancer

Having made a deep impression on the viewers is the second set of photos of women who have been battling with breast cancer. The series truly captured the moments of their pain, their optimism, and their full of hope.

The strong and courageous Vietnamese women participated in “Overcoming fear” photo collection.

These conceptual photos are like a voice of the insiders sending to the community, with the burning desire that Vietnamese women will soon be diagnosed with the disease, and never have to undergo unbalanced wars with breast cancer as well.