The 2014 Pink Ribbon Campaign for breast cancer awareness

Knowledge helps you overcome the fear. Understanding helps you make lucid decisions based on being well-informed. It helps you protect yourself and protect the woman you love.

The current activities of the Network:

– Organize a pink ribbon campaign in October every year to raise awareness of people in the community about breast cancer and fund for the maintenance of the network.

– Provide information and online forums for women in general and women with breast cancer in particular

– Support arms and shoulder rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery

– Provide free wigs to women with breast cancer during surgery process

– Organize workshops/mini-workshops for women to raise awareness of and guidelines on breast screening, self-screening for breast cancer at home.

– Sell some fund-raising products to maintain the operation of the network

Activities are going to be conducted:

– Offer/sell with very low price about $1.5 – $2.5/false breast for women undergoing emulsion surgery

– Provide free psychological counseling directly to patients and families of patients

– Consult the information on breast cancer through telephone number

– Organize seminars on beauty during and after treatment for women with breast cancer

– Organize seminars for people at high risk of breast cancer