Immerse into Party in Pink with Fyoung Dance and BCNV at Pink Hat Day 2019

Pink Hat Day is an annual event organized by Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV) to raise awareness of breast cancer. This year, it is an honor for BCNV to have F-Young Dance Club as a co-organizer to create a meaningful Pink Party and spread positive energy to “Pink Warriors”.

This year’s main theme:Party in Pink” – Movin’ to end breast cancer is inspired by the energetic and dynamic Zumba dances which bring healing power. The spotlight of this year’s event is a performance of Zumba dances choreographed and instructed by by two F-Young professional Zumba coaches: Ms Truong Thi Minh Thuy and Mr Pham Duy Hai. Additionally, alongside with two coaches from F-Young to lead this year Party in Pink are various familiar individuals in Zumba Viet Nam community, for example:

– ZES™ Sai (Duong Tuan Tai): coach training expert at Zuma Fitness, representative of Zumba Viet Nam, presents as a guest and is chosen to be BCNV ambassador for this year’s event.

– ZIN™ Benson: Zumba® Marketing Agent in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, presents as a guest and is chosen to be BCNV ambassador for this year’s event.

– ZIN™ Hoàng Thuận: coach at Zumba Fitness in Ho Chi Minh City, he has a relative who passed away due to breast cancer. Thus, he also becomes one of the ambassadors that bring moral message and empower breast cancer patients who have to fight against this disease.

– ZIN™ Andy Anand: coach at Zumba Fitness in Ho Chi Minh City, representative of Zumba Wear Vietnam, presents as supportive guest for the event.

Party in pink – Pink Hat Day 2019 will be a vibrant and  monumental event with the appearance of 3 ZES from different countries, which has not happened before:

– ZES™ George Iu: coach training expert at Zuma Fitness from Hong Kong.

– ZES™ Olivia Febriani: coach training expert at Zuma Fitness from Indonesia.

– And ZES™ Sái (Dương Tuấn Tài): coach training expert at Zuma Fitness from our nation Viet Nam.

Before the event, 2 main coaches of F-Young have appeared in …. with breast cancer patients and other Zumba coaches, contributing to spread this year message.

Coach Truong Thi Minh Thuy (Naomi Truong) from F-Young Dance Club

Coach Pham Duy Hai from F-Young Dance Club

Let’s listen to Zumba coach Pham Duy Hai when he tells us about his experience with the Pink Hat Day and his inspiration from Zumba.

“I’m a Zumba fitness coach. My mission is not just about helping everyone to improve their health but also heightening their spirit to be more buoyant and more cheerful. I’m very passionate about my current job.

My team F-young has a very special class; that is a Zumba class at Tao Dan Park in district 1 every Sunday morning. Students here are so diverse: young, middle-aged and even the elderly. Especially, in my class, there is a participation from a group of people who have cancer. Even though they are battling with their illnesses, everyone of them is very enthusiastic, never afraid of raining and always present. That’s the motivation for any coaches like myself to keep doing the job that I’m doing and somehow can help lengthening their lives.

I’ve participated with BCNV in 2 seasons of Party in Pink. This is truly a meaningful program and like a festival just pervading across countries. This year, I want to keep contributing to wide spreading the positive energy and cheerful spirit to everyone. Hoping that BCNV would keep growing strong and the Pink Hat Day would keep showing more and more of that spirit.”

Official activities on Pink Hat Day 2019- PARTY IN PINK include:

  • Cut and Donate hair
  • Zumba Party Dance
  • Master Class: Workshop training by international Zumba coaches
  • Photovoice Gallery of Breast Cancer Patients
  • Photo Gallery of singers, actors, actresses to propagandize prevention and raise awareness of the disease
  • Activities: Breast Cancer Screening, cutting hair to raise hair, Makeup, Designing T-shirt, Face drawing, etc
  • Booths of BCNV and partners
  • Examine, diagnose and consult about breast cancer


Time: 12:00 – 21:00, Sunday Oct 27th 2019

Venue: 02, Ho Xuan Huong , Ward 06, District  3, Ho Chi Minh City

Let’s accompany with ambassadors from F-Young dance CLub and BCNV in this year Pink Hat Day to empower “Pink Warriors” !

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