Does soy milk increase risk of breast cancer?

Question: I’ve heard that drinking a lots of soy milk is really good for women’s health; however, some people have argued that it instead increases the risk of breast cancer. I drink a glass of soy milk almost every day, may I inquire a doctor to see if  the effects are beneficial, or in actuality harmful? (Ha)


Soybeans includes phytochemicals and antioxidants which are definitely beneficial for your health. Soy milk helps decrease the development of osteoporosis as well as assist in the absorption of calcium.

The development of breast cancer is heavily dependent on a female hormone called estrogen besides chemicals and  radiation. This hormone is usually metabolized from fat. High estrogen levels may stimulate the development of breast cancer.

According to recent research, soy milk is comprised of natural estrogen from vegetables. It plays a good role in supplying estrogen, and yields benefits such as better complexion for women who are thin and have an estrogen deficiency. However, it is not recommended that overweight women should consume large amounts of soy food, as they already have a high risk of breast cancer.

Doctor Nguyen Vu My Linh

Hung Vuong Hospital