Suggestions for women with breast cancer at the beginning of diagnosis

Breast cancer is a disease that attracts attention. Therefore, when the question “Suggestions for women with breast cancer at the beginning of diagnosis?” was published on an American established, reliable page, there were many useful shares from women who did and were struggling with breast cancer. It was a pleasure for BCNV to translate and share it with viewers.

Most comments suggested that the patients who had just discovered breast cancer should try and research the basic information about the disease and live optimistically due to the increasing numbers of people overcoming breast cancer.

Sandi McClure Daoust recommended: “Be optimistic, take a deep breath! Find an experienced surgeon, and follow the reference of top breast cancer experts. And remember to equip yourself with knowledge from trusted websites such as “”. Do not trust vague information or you will deter yourself. Let your beloveds take care of you, believe in God or yourself. That makes you stronger. Remember that many people HAVE OVERCOME the disease.

Lisa Robinson Long thought that “Be your own doctor. Don’t become overly dependent on doctors. Please look and search for EVERYTHING. I am still alive after 5 years.”

Ria Meintjes, a woman with the disease for 8 years said: “You should not make such a quick decision about the treatment. You follow many sources of information. More few days will be alright because you must still live with it in a period of time. Research by yourself as not all of the information on the internet is reliable.”

Besides, some priceless experience of a royal Paula M Benson Lovejoy gave to new patients: “Ask every question that you can think of and always go with someone to each diagnosis because the more the merrier. You are only human, so sometimes you just pay attention to a part of the stories, the other helps you listen to the rest of the stories. It is the truth because you might think of other stuffs. Never feel lonely, do not think it is the end of your life. Most importantly than ever, some people overcame the disease due to having new treatment and options.”

Bearing the same opinion, Linda Schuyler told her story: “After the shock, I searched on the internet, read stories and chose the suitable treatment without recommendations from doctors. After the second biopsy, I agreed to cut out of the chest totally and get breast reconstruction surgery. The surgeon suggested to me to have one more biopsy. And now I am healthy and enjoy my life.”

Moreover, new patients ought to seek assistance with family members and friends in this difficult time.

Judy White, a woman who had overcome the disease 10 years ago learnt that “You must find the best doctor and always be with family and friends. Enjoy every moment of your life. Remember to pray and God will bless you. You are not lonely because so many people overcame this disease. And thank God, I had escaped from this disease for 10 years.”

With the same opinion, Adele Blake said “Let your trusted friends help you. My biggest mistake was that I just let my husband and my best friend know. If there is someone who wants to help you clean the floor, iron clothes and cook for you and your family, let them do so.”

Leanna Makortoff recommended “Find people who had and still have the same condition as yours. They are the only people who can sympathize with you. You need them. Believe me. If there were not people on the forum and on the fanpage, I would’ve not been able to overcome the disease. They are wonderful (and so are some men).”

Not only do women respond, men also are concerned about the disease. Tori Eads encouraged women “The femininity of women cannot be expressed through breast. No matter how big or small your breasts may be, you are still female.”

To Richard M Schulte “Be happy, for you have discovered the problem and took the initiative to get rid of it and become optimistic. Nothing can make you afraid!”